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Chronic Disease Management


The Carea Community Health Centre’s Diabetes Education Program (DEP) provides education for patients living with Diabetes. The goal of the program is to empower clients through education and treatment.  The Diabetes Team is also here to offer clients useful tools to cope positively, manage their condition and gain independence in living with diabetes.

The Diabetes Education Program offers the services of an inter-professional team, which consists of Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, consulting Endocrinologist and a Social Worker. The Team works collaboratively to ensure patients have access to diabetes education, support and resources close to home.

Diabetes Education, Counselling and Support

Dietitians and Nurse Educators: This involves one-to-one counselling, education and support with a diabetes educator (RN or RD) where the individual is taught to manage their type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes.
Social Worker: We also provide one to one counselling and support with a social worker to help individuals manage prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, including mental health challenges.

Diabetes Groups: The Carea CHC DEP team offers counselling, education and support for individuals with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, for those individuals who can benefit from a group learning environment. Groups are facilitated by registered diabetes educators (RN and RD) as well as a registered social worker.

For more information please contact the Diabetes Education Team at 905-723-0036 extension 21268, click on the link attached or see our other program descriptions below on this page.  These descriptions will provide you with in depth information regarding the educational programs.

We offer a variety of classes on various days and times, please see the class calendar below:

Diabetes Education Brochure - New 2017

Your Journey to Wellness - Introductory Class for those with both Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes 

This program consists of 2 consecutive weekly sessions. Facilitated by an RD and RN, they provide adult clients with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes with information needed to make lifestyle changes.  Topics discussed are: what is diabetes, risks and complications, healthy eating, physical activity, monitoring of blood glucose, foot care, medications, sick day management and self-management. This class is offered morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Call to register.

Basic Carb Counting:  Finding the Balance
Learn how to balance carbohydrates at meals and snacks to better manage blood glucose and hunger.  Learn what to look for on the label and how to use “carb counting” to your advantage.

Heart Health with Diabetes
Taking care of your heart is an important part of diabetes management. Find out how to maintain your heart health (including Cholesterol and Blood Pressure) with your food choices, medications, and exercise.

VON Exercise Class    
A gentle and progressive exercise class for people 55+ who want to be active in a social, community setting.  Anyone can participate whether from a chair, using an aid or moving independently.  Join in at any time!
Individual Counselling   
The objective of this service is to address individual client needs, goal setting and self-management skills that cannot be addressed in a group session.  The client is assisted in developing personalized action plans which are reviewed at each visit.  Insulin education is also provided in an individual session.  In the initial visit, you will meet with both the Registered Nurse and Registered Dietitian.  Follow up is based on individual need.

Additional Workshops and Programs Available   
This series has a variety of classes that addresses specific learning interests of people with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Classes offered range from heart health, exercise classes, meal planning, foot care and label reading. Classes are offered at a variety of times throughout the year. Call to register and to inquire about future class dates.

To Register

Doctor’s referral:  Please ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to fax a referral and up to date lab work to 905-723-3391.

Self referral:  If you are unable to receive a referral from your doctor or you do not have a family doctor, please contact Diabetes Education Team at 905-723-0036 and a self referral package will be mailed out to you.  Once completed, please return the package plus up to date lab work to Carea CHC: Diabetes Education Program.  If you don’t have a family doctor, be sure to check the box on the “Application for Clinical Services” form for “Medical Services Team” to request one.