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About Us

Who We Are

Durham Community Health Centre (DCHC) is a registered, charitable organization providing a wide range of free services and programs to community members across Durham Region.

We are an interprofessional group of staff that include team members such as physicians, specialists, healthcare staff, mental health professionals, program and support staff. Our expert team provides a wide range of healthcare, mental health, and social services that are inclusive, equitable and accessible to all.

DCHC’s comprehensive services address the complex picture of human health. This means we consider the social, emotional, economic, health and developmental circumstances an individual is experiencing when accessing services. We partner with clients to improve their own health and wellness.

We strive to be accessible to community members who face barriers such as culture, gender, age, geographic isolation, homelessness, language, physical and/or cognitive disabilities, poverty, sexual identity and race.

Most of our programs are offered free of charge and open to anyone seeking support. Our healthcare services include day-to-day healthcare and physician visits, chronic disease management, and mental health. We also offer a range of community programs that promote community members’ control over their own health.  These program offerings include supports for healthy decision making, parenting support, child development, and youth empowerment.

DCHC is committed to reconciliation and partnership with Indigenous communities. We offer a wide range of Indigenous-led programming that provides a variety of culturally relevant activities and events to serve Turtle Island’s diverse urban Indigenous community.

As a trusted community partner, we collaborate with numerous organizations to provide the best possible care for our clients.

With your help, we are building healthier communities together.

Vision - Mission - Values

Building healthier communities together. 
Partnering to provide integrated and accessible care to enhance health and social well-being in our communities.
We hold these values equally:

  • Trustworthy: We act with integrity and are accountable to our clients, funders, & partners.
  • Inclusive: Everyone matters and is welcomed and respected.
  • Compassionate: We are understanding, caring and responsive. We partner with our clients to help address their needs. 
  • Collaborative: We work as a team with our clients and colleagues as part of an integrated system of care.
  • Innovative: We are responsive and on the leading-edge. We embrace evidence-informed and quality practices.

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Our Manifesto

What we do matters; it matters a great deal to our clients and it matters to our community as well. We do what we know must be done; what always needs doing: We care.

Caring for the health and wellness of our communities' residents is the cause that unites us. It shapes our thinking, guides our actions and gives us purpose.

It is not a chore. It is not a burden. It is our greatest privilege. It is the defining trait of our humanity.

Caring without care for age, race, creed, or orientation, because every person is one caring act away from being whole and complete.

We push back against the barriers to health to make a difference in the lives of others, to empower them to enhance their well-being and lead a fulfilling life.

Caring by promoting health equity and better outcomes through access to high-quality and inclusive services for the people in our area.

It is how we give hope and bring dignity to every member of our community.

We are DurhamCommunity Health Centre.