Clinical Services

Diabetes Education Team

The Diabetes Education Team is here to provide you education and support you through your diabetes.

Registered Dietitians and Registered Nurses:

Provide one-to-one counselling education and support to help you manage and understand your type 2 diabetes or prediabetes

Social Worker: 

Can provide one on one counselling, for stress and mental health challenges to help your through your diabetes or prediabetes management. They can also provide support in accessing social and community services you may need.

Diabetes Groups: 

The Carea DEP team offers groups to those that may benefit from an interactive learning environment and are facilitated by Diabetes Educators (RN and RD).

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Doctor's referral:

Please ask your doctor or nurse practitioner to fax a referral and up to date lab work to 905-723-3391.


If you are unable to receive a referral from your doctor or you do not have a family doctor, please fill out the Self-Referral Form accessible here as well as the Client Rights and Responsibilities and return it along with up to date labs to Carea CHC: Diabetes Education Program. If you don't have a family doctor, please be sure to check the box on the Application for Clinical Services form. If you prefer to have us mail you the self-referral form please contact the Diabetes Education Team at 905-723-0036 x1268 and a self-referral package will be mailed out to you.