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Community Programs


Durham Community Health Centre offers a wide range of programs including groups focusing on health issues and wellness. All of our programs are free, and staffed by a qualified team of professionals.

Our community development programs are designed to support clients and families in the community by providing programs and resources to meet their health and wellness needs. Programs are designed to address the challenges that clients face every day and to help clients achieve their personal goals. 
There are a wide variety of initiatives, which can include educational, provide peer and social supports and help clients build life skills.  Skill building opportunities include developing parenting skills, stress management and personal wellness, cooking, sewing and other creative pursuits.  There are a variety of initiatives for different ages including children, parents, youth, families and adults.
We collaborate with other agencies to strengthen programs and services offered in the community.  Together, we strive to ensure that clients become more familiar with the variety of services that are available, and become connected to the programs and services that meet their needs. 
This group of initiatives also includes food programs, our community garden, and programs at the centre and in other locations, such as local schools.  Programs are provided in a welcoming environment, and are accessible to clients in their own neighbourhood.  Clients are encouraged to become involved and help shape the programs that are offered so that they effectively meet the needs of those living in our community.


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