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Equity Principles of Carea CHC

Within our Diversity and Inclusion objectives, Carea CHC is committed to:

  • The principles of performance and capability as the key criteria for hiring and promotion. Regardless of any of the prohibited grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code, individuals need to be given the opportunity to be considered for and/or make the best use of their talents.
  • The principle of fair representation of diverse groups at all levels of the organization.
  • A program to ensure diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • The achievement of reasonable job accommodation in order that individuals are able to contribute fully to their own and our goals.
  • Ensuring our Values, policies and practices reflect these principles.
  • Respectful and fair treatment for all individuals as outlined in our Respect in the Workplace Policy and related policies and procedures that ensure safety and wellness to all stakeholders.

Primary Care Providers!  Check out what Dr. Chitha has to say about working at Carea! 

  • Social Worker, Diabetes Education Program Team

    Working as a member of the Diabetes Team, the Social Worker will provide a range of interventions to assist people living with Diabetes to cope with their chronic illness, social difficulties and side effects of treatment. This will include counselling, psycho-social assessments, consultation, education and advocacy functions for clients and families/supports, as well as educational services for staff and/or volunteers, as required. The Social Worker will provide counselling services where the focus is on the provision of information, advice-giving, encouragement and instruction […] (Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council [HPRAC], 2006, 208). The Social Worker may also refer clients who are needing primary care to Carea’s Medical Services Team (MST) or for psychotherapy to Carea’s Counselling Services Team (CST).

  • Hepatitis C Outreach Worker

    Working as a member of the HCV Team, the Outreach Worker will provide low threshold outreach to marginalized community members living with/at risk of acquiring hepatitis C. This position will coordinate, design and deliver education and training sessions, provide support services and promote referrals to testing and treatment.
    Additionally, the Outreach Worker will collaborate within an interdisciplinary team of health professionals across the community network that influence the health environment targeted to youth clients, as well as within the Agency’s team structure, in support of goals that align with and achieve the Agency’s strategy, Mission, Vision and Values.

  • Family Physician – Primary Care

    The Physician will provide comprehensive primary health care that emphasizes accessibility, health promotion, illness- prevention and continuity-of-care for clients with complex physical and mental health needs. The Physician recognizes that the primary factors that shape the health of our clients are not medical treatments or lifestyle choices but rather the living conditions that our clients experience – the social determinants of health.
    In addition to alignment with the principles and guidelines of practice and duties of physicians under the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) and the College of Family Physicians of Ontario (CFPO), the Physician will also be an effective, collaborative member of the Carea CHC’s collaborative, inter-professional team structure, providing clinical services to marginalised and at-risk members of the communities Carea serves. The Physician will demonstrate leadership skills to champion and support goals that align with and achieve Carea CHC’s Strategy, Vision, Mission and Values, internally and externally.

  • Welcoming Streets Outreach Worker

    The Welcoming Streets Outreach Worker works in Oshawa’s downtown area to address concerns identified by business owners, and the public, about vulnerable and street-involved individuals who may be at risk. The Outreach Worker responds to situations that do not require police intervention, with the hope of preventing police involvement and facilitating more positive relationships between business owners and vulnerable individuals, and also ensuring that unsheltered individuals are linked with the services they could benefit from. In addition, this position focuses on building capacity among local business to be better equipped to handle concerns and building empathy about people that are vulnerable and living on the street.